I started this blog as a place to write and to sometimes rant about living with the condition that is Fibromyalgia, as well as to document the effects that it sometimes has on my daily life.
Unfortunately, it isn’t just widespread pain that affects sufferers. There are over 100 symptoms to Fibromyalgia including fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, depression, cognitive problems fibro fog, mood swings, sensitivity to foods/light/weather etc, and other related auto-immune ailments such as ME, Osteoarthritis and Hypothyroidism. Not only that, but sufferers and boy do we suffer, also have to deal with the fact that because we don’t look ill, others often assume that we’re either lying, faking it or just plain lazy.
The title ‘More Sleep Please’ comes from that fact that despite being subjected to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (CFS) Fibro patients often experience sleep deprivation with many unable to reach the cycle of deep sleep.(REM)

I don’t really have anyone that I can share my thoughts and feelings with about living with a chronic illness. The bored expression on their faces and their general lack of interest is disheartening. And so as always, I just plaster a smile on my face and pretend that everything is okay.
To be honest, I don’t expect anyone to read my musings, there are other blogs out there that are about chronic illnesses. ones that are more professional and better written. But I’m okay with that, this is more for my sake, a bit like an online therapy session. And if anyone does come along and enjoy my musings, then thank you and welcome. 🙂

*Warning: This blog WILL contain bad language.
~Fibro Lil aka Lily