I Think The Government Is Trying To Kill Me.

Can you imagine how much people like me cost the government in free prescriptions and hospital treatments each year? I mean the amount must be huge, hence it makes sense why they would want to kill me off.
No, this isn’t the mad rantings of a conspiracy theorist on how the powers that be have devised a convoluted plan to knock off the weak, the poor and the disenfranchised. (though it wouldn’t surprise me if they did) But what else explains the reasons that doctors and consultants throw a truckload of meds my way, (which are no use an don’t work) whilst limiting the drugs needed to keep me alive?
The discrepancy in the way they hand out these meds makes no sense either. For example, I have to take 125 mg of a particular drug which comes in two forms. One pack contains 100 mg and 2 blister packs, the other 25 mg, again containing 2 blister packs. But where I’m given 4 boxes of the 100 mg, I only receive 1 box of the 25 mg. This means that whenever the time to review my meds comes around, I’m always invariably short. No problem if I have a repeat prescription, but if I can’t go out and collect the bloody thing, then what?

Right now, every single joint in my body is in pain. My bones are sore and my face and jaw ache and feel tight. There are sharp shooting pains in my chest, abdomen, side and back, while my head is pounding and my sight fading. And all this is further compounded by the worst case of nausea I have EVER experienced. (and that includes the hellish morning sickness that comes with being pregnant)
I have however, noticed a kind of pattern to all this. First the head will pound, then the face and jaw will tighten. The sharp pains will then kick in followed by the extreme nausea and all I can do is lie there and not move, because to move would mean emptying the contents of my stomach everywhere. (as I soon found out) I can’t eat and the only thing that keeps the vomiting at bay is sipping ginger beer. Essentially, my body is shutting down and the lack of that 125 mg is the reason why. It’s a drug that I need to take for the rest of my live and I’ve been warned about what would happen if I don’t, which is what in effect, is happening now.

So when will I be receiving my next batch of medication? Well that will be on Thursday. But the pharmacy closes half day on Thursdays and I can’t even walk the 4 steps to the bathroom let alone take a 30 minute trip to the chemist. So in all probability, it will probably be Friday after the womb-fruit is able to collect it after school. And will they double up this med so that this problem never arises again in the future? Hell no! There’s more likelihood of a Zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion happening. So yeah, Imma stick to my unapproved assumption that the government is trying to kill me off in the meantime.


8 thoughts on “I Think The Government Is Trying To Kill Me.

  1. Crap. The world of medicine and health is insane – surely they could figure something out so this doesn’t happen. Don’t worry about replying to me – I know you aren’t in a good health frame to do that, and I don’t want you wasting any effort. Just know that ;I am thinking of you (much good that actually does) and wishing the Universe could help you in some way.

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  2. Oh Lily, that totally blows. Is there any way they can mail the prescriptions to you? They do that here that’s why I ask. That’s a horrible spot to be in with your meds. I have the problem that one of mine has to be called into my doc every month and she’s supposed to okay the refill. Well, if they can’t get a hold of her, guess what? They won’t fill my script. What they will do however is give me a weeks worth of meds to get me thru until the doc finds the time to approve me.

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  3. Lily, I empathize with you having to deal with that irrational system with so many discrepancies. That really sucks!! Really feels inhumane the way they do it. Healthcare here is different but not great either. I hope your nausea is better. xx

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    • The nausea is 10 times better than it was before thanks! 🙂 I understand that with certain meds, they need to monitor the patient. But that’s often dependent on the availability of the doctor or the health of the patient. Our healthcare is slowly eroding and it’s to the detriment of those patients.

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