Why I Hate My Consultant. Part One

Today I had to fill out a form. At the part where it asked for my medical history, I wrote the following:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Degenerative Disc Disease
ME (I refuse to combine CFS with ME)
Allergic Rhinitis
I didn’t even bother writing down the illnesses within those illnesses, which would have equalled The Britannica Encyclopedia in size, just  handed the completed form back to the receptionist who read it and then gave me a look.
I had seen that look a thousand times over the course of each diagnosis. It was a look that said, “you’re kidding me right? There’s no way you have all of these.” In other words, she was calling me out to be either a liar, or  at very the least, a hypochondriac. I glared back at her and watched as she perused the list once more. That’s when her resting bitch-face, which had been firmly at repose, suddenly became animated and arranged itself into a full on venomous she-devil face as she tartly asked, “Isn’t chronic fatigue and ME the same thing?” Obviously as well as working the desk, she also had a certification as a medical practitioner.

“No”, I replied, although it took every ounce of my being not to tagged “bitch” at the end of that one simple word. Then I continued, “there are very acute differences in both conditions. It’s only those who don’t do their research who lump them together because of their similarities. It’s a lazy diagnosis, but you can place them together if it makes your job easier.” And then the bitch “Hmph” me! She actually closed her mouth in order to produce a sound that denoted a “fuck you!” I almost told her that if she didn’t like her job, then she should go back to her original occupation as a woman of the night, but instead settle with a remark that she needed to go back to training in order to learn how to deal with patients in a polite manner. This time she remained quiet and I went and took a seat awaiting my appointment.

Fast forward and my name is finally called. On entering the room, I try very hard to stifle my disappointed groan, because this particular consultant and I have had words on more than a few occasions. He’s the type that thinks because he has risen through the ranks to become a specialist, he now holds superiority over all human life. I note the equal look of disappointment on his face as he realises who his first patient is, and match my genuine smile at that, to his own wolf-like grimace.
As we both make idle conversion, neither one of us caring about the other’s answers, I take a chair and wait patiently for the battle to begin. It doesn’t take long.

4 thoughts on “Why I Hate My Consultant. Part One

  1. Lily, that consultant sounds like an arrogant, miserable jerk and I’m guessing the type of person who doesn’t really listen because he already thinks he has all the answers. So difficult to work with people who are that way! And what a bitch that receptionist was!! You are very knowledgeable about your illnesses and she’s not a trained medical professional. Instead of being understanding and maybe showing some compassion, she was just rude and condescending! No one should be treated like that and going for medical assistance shouldn’t have to be a battle. 😦 xx

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    • You’re spot on in your description of this consultant Madilyn. He’s the same guy who made my initial diagnosis by throwing a leaflet at me and telling me to “go look it up.” Credit to him for being an ignorant ass because I now know more about my illness than the consultants. All his patients detest him and according to my doctor, so do his colleagues. That was definitely our last session that day.
      As for the receptionist, You’re right, no one should be treated that way. I really can’t fathom why she would choose to work with the public when she so obviously has contempt for them. The receptionists at my local doctors have all had complaints made about their attitude in the past. Now they’re as nice as pie, so either they were sent for retraining or received warnings.

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  2. I remember telling people how mean my drs. and nurses were to me when I was going thru cancer and nobody believed me until a specialist got a hold of my records and read them. She was so sweet to me and gave me a hug. Apparently, they had written evil things about me in my records as well. – Fuckers. – I’ve dealt with all of those people Lily. Omg. I had one dr. that wouldn’t even look at me he just scribbled on a notepad and at the end of my visit he said, “Okay. The nurse will be back in.” No diagnosis, no explanation. Nothing. People are douchebags and it doesn’t matter if you’re sick or not and those fucking receptionist wanna be drs. are the worst.

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    • What?!! They can’t do that!! What the fuck gives them the right to talk shit about patients? That’s so unprofessional. I hope those tossers were dealt with. Damn, that makes me so angry. So sorry you had to go through that shit Karen.
      As for those high and mighty drs, they give the impression that we’re beneath them and that they’d much rather be doling out drugs to rich folk who can keep them in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed. I’m done with my consultant and I told him so.
      And don’t even get me started on those receptionists…

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