As The World Goes By…

I’m listening to the sound of the rain falling outside my window. It makes me want to snuggle deep under the duvet, a huge mug of hot chocolate at the ready.
I can hear the wheels of the cars as they race through paddles gathered on the roads and the sound of children on their way home from school, unconcerned about the wetness that soaks through, their only intent on telling their parents about the day they’ve just had.
I can hear an exhausted mother berating an errant child and the slam of car doors going to and fro destinations unknown to me. They echo through the chatter and laughter and dribbles of conversations that reach ears nosily straining to hear the parlay of a dialogue that I cannot decipher.
As I continue to write, the school run ends and the cars drive off and a peaceful quiet descends upon the street on which I live. A street for where life passes me by. A street where the world goes on without me.
The quiet, punctuated by a few hasty driven autos, sometimes reminds me of the loneliness that I feel stuck upstairs in my bedroom. How I am no longer an active participant in this thing we call life, but how I wish vehemently that I was.
But sometimes the quiet brings with it a sense of determination, of maybe one day, things will be different. One day.


7 thoughts on “As The World Goes By…

  1. i hope that “one day” comes to you, that something eases the ills of your life. Being excluded, whether physically, mentally or emotionally is a hard thing to deal with. Much love.


  2. Lily, this is expressed so beautifully that I can easily envision all the sights and sounds you describe. As I wrote on FB, I hope so much for you that things can be different one day too! As fibro receives more awareness and research, there will be better treatments and eventually a cure; I’m putting positive energies into believing that for you and everyone with fibro. ❤

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