Misogs Misogs Everywhere. (A short rant)

It seems that I missed the memo currently circulating, which states that those with a chronic illness must behave like complete and utter misogs. (miserable person)
Apparently, illness is not a laughing matter and shouldn’t be treated as such and to some extent this is true. But what if I choose to laugh at myself and my various conditions?
Where in the Book Of Life And How To Live It, does it say that when down, we have to stay down? That laughing at oneself is not conducive to being ill?


There are less than a handful of blogs where the blogger writes about their illnesses in a humorous ways and whilst their followers are fully in on the joke, exchanging their own stories whilst laughing at themselves and along with others, there are a tiny minority who act as though we have been licking at the armpits of Satan. One blogger was even called out for not taking her own chronic illness seriously and chastised for being the reason why no one takes us seriously. Really????


So does that mean that I need to sit in a darkened room listening to Edith Piaf, whilst existentially contemplating that I am who I am because of my own making? Fuck no! That shit is depressing! (Though I do admit to liking a bit of Piaf) I will continue to assign personalities to each of my disorders and to laugh wholeheartedly at myself and my situation. Of course there will be serious postings and dark musings because no-one can be happy all the time…unless you’re Richard Simmons or high. If someone doesn’t like what I write or the way that I write, then fair enough. Move on. Life is to short and I’m in too much pain to care about such pettiness.



4 thoughts on “Misogs Misogs Everywhere. (A short rant)

  1. God, some people are complete and utter twerps. Obviously they have had a humour lobotomy at some stage, and think life must be all about the angst and agony.
    Laughing is what makes life worth living, and laughing at yourself, and your situation, can make the dark waves recede for a while and give you strength to continue.

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  2. Well, you know what I say to those sticks in the mud. – Fuck off. – When I had cancer they discovered a new spot of it in my leg and we discussed amputation. I was like, “Fine, whatever. Cut it off. I’ll change my name to Ilene and get a job at I-Hop.” The drs. LOVED that I spun some humor into my treatment and said it was a healthy way of looking at things. So again, to those sticks in the mud. Fuck off! You just keep on keepin’ on Lily. Your writing style hasn’t failed you thus far. Trust that. ❤

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    • I’m right there with ya. Seriously, some people have got nothing better to do then to be outraged by everything. Yes, it’s never nice being ill, but does that mean that we have to lie on the floor in a dark room and cry continuously? I agree, laughing is a healthy way of looking at things. It doesn’t diminish the seriousness of the illness or dismiss it. So I don’t get to call you Ilene then?
      Thanks Karen . ❤

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