Flares, and I’m not talking about the 1970’s Trouser kind.

I think I feel a dark flare coming up…


No, not that kind of flare.

I mean ‘flare’ as in the Fibro Kind…or at least I think I do. The thing is, I’m confused as to what constitutes a flare-up…


No, not that kind of flare either…

I know it’s an increase in the number of symptoms and level of pain, but wouldn’t the word ‘flare’ suggest that it’s something that comes and then goes?

The confusion stems from the fact that for me, everyday is a pain day. Yes, sometimes there are days when it is worse than others, but it’s constant, never ending. It doesn’t come and then go, it is always there…kinda like a recurring case of thrush, or the pervy old guy across the road who tries to peek into your kitchen window at night when you’re in a state of undress…what? Just me then?
So does that mean that I’m in a constant state of flare…


For fuck’s sake Google images, not that kind of flare!

Maybe I’m just confusing the pain that I think is Fibro with that of ME, Hypothyroidism or Arthritis. The thing is, it’s hard to tell which pain belongs with which condition because the symptoms of each are somewhat similar. What I do know is that I envy those who have days when the pain is nonexistent or at least mild, because quite frankly, I’ve forgotten what it is to feel ‘normal.’


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